The SpectrumMicro-1000 is a clinical micro current generator designed to manage chronic and acute pain. 

The SpectrumMicro-1000 enables the practitioner to control the patient's pain during the healing process. Not to be confused with a conventional T.E.N.S. device, the SpectrumMicro-1000 differs in both the type of electrical output the unit produces and how the instrument is utilized. 

The SpectrumMicro-1000 provides easy treatment protocol set up; selectable audio function indicator; and "quick read" illuminated visual function indicators. The unit includes a rechargeable battery pack with a battery protection circuit for use outside the office. 

The SpectrumMicro-1000 is conveniently portable in an optional, quality soft carrying case. Made of heavy grade nylon, it features a handle, a comfortable shoulder strap and several large storage compartments.

AdvanTeq 2000

The Amrex Advanteq 2000
 The Amrex Advanteq 2000 is a quality, low cost, portable, T.E.N.S. device that provides two independent output channels,modulated, normal, and burst output modes, as well as adjustable pulse width and pulse rate. It is backed by a two-year warranty and over seventy-five years of electrotheray experience.

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation is widely recognized as an effective method of relieving pain. T.E.N.S. provides a sensory stimulation intended for symptomatic relief of a large number of painful syndromes. Until the cause of the pain can be found, the T.E.N.S. modality will relieve chronic, intractable pain syndromes where analgesic drugs would be contraindicated. 

The Z-Stim 100 is a low cost, safe, reliable, prescription, patient device. 
Operating from a nine volt battery, the Z-Stim 100 fits in a pocket or conveniently clips to a belt or waistband.

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